Spokane and the Nation: The Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919

Headline: “Call for Help to Handle Flu at Big College”

Source: Spokane Daily Chronicle, October 23, 1918, page 1

Subject: Influenza epidemic at Washington State College

Synopsis: Over 300 students at Washington State College are in the hospital, sick with influenza. Dr. Frederick Eppien of Spokane has been called to help with the situation, and has asked for at least three physicians to join him.

Notable Quotation:

Observations: Just 10 days earlier, an article appeared in the Spokesman-Review stating that officials at the college did not fear an epidemic, and classes were scheduled to resume.

“Call for Help to Handle Flu at Big College”

            The Spanish influenza situation among the students at the Washington state college, Pullman, has become so bad that a desperate call for medical aid was sent out today, and Dr. Frederick Eppien, president of the Spokane County Medical society, was called on to render aid.

            He issued an appeal for at least three physicians to report to him this evening, prepared to take the trip to Pullman in the morning. Over 300 students are in the hospitals at the college town, stricken with the disease.