Spokane and the Nation: The Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919

Headline: “Brother, Sister Die Same Day”

Source: Spokesman-Review, January 17, 1919, page 6

Subject: Spokane deaths

Synopsis: Two young children in the Krohling household on Mission Avenue died on the same day from influenza. Their mother and three of their siblings are also ill. Jessie Forsyth and George Weber also died of influenza.

Notable Quotation:

• “The boy died in the morning and the girl in the afternoon.”

“Brother, Sister Die Same Day”

Influenza Takes Two Little Children of Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Krohling.

Mother, 3 Others Ill

Disease, Followed by Pneumonia, Fatal to Mrs. Jessie Forsyth.

            Hazel E. Krohling, age 4, and her brother, Phillip W. Krohling, age 6, died yesterday of influenza at E1923 Mission avenue. The boy died in the morning and the girl in the afternoon.

            The children, son and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George N. Kroehling [sic], were ill but a short time. Mr. Krohling is a Traction car man. Mrs. Krohling and three other children are seriously ill with the disease.

            The bodies were removed to the Hazen-Jaeger Undertaking rooms last night. Funeral arrangements have not been completed.

            Mrs. Jessie Forsyth, age 38, wife of James W. Forsyth, died of pneumonia following influenza at E404 Broad avenue. Mrs. Forsyth leaves three children. The body is at Gilman’s. Mr. Forsyth works at the Great Northern car shops.

            George Weber, age 18, died at the Sacred Heart hospital yesterday of influenza. He was brought here from Deary, Idaho. The body will be taken to Deary this morning. The youth was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Weber.