Spokane and the Nation: The Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919

Headline: “Influenza Now in 3 Army Camps”

Source: Spokesman-Review, September 18, 1918, page 2

Subject: The growing epidemic

Synopsis: Influenza has reached epidemic proportions at Camps Devens in Massachusetts, Lee in Virginia, and Upton in New York. Almost 3,000 soldiers are ill, but only two deaths have been reported. Additionally, New York City has required all physicians to report their influenza cases within 24 hours. In New England, at least 70 deaths have occurred in the last 24 hours, mostly in Boston.

Notable Quotations:

“Influenza Now in 3 Army Camps”

Spanish Malady Epidemic at Devens, Lee and Upton.

Nearly 3000 Men are Ill

Disease, General Gorgas Says, Has Appeared Only in Mild Form – Two Deaths.

            WASHINGTON, Sept. 17. – Spanish influenza now has become epidemic in three army camps, Surgeon General Gorgas announced today. There are 1500 cases at Camp Devens, Mass.; 1000 at Camp Lee, Va., and 350 at Camp Upton, N.Y. The disease, General Gorgas said, has appeared in only a mild form. Two deaths thus far have been reported, both at Camp Devens.

New York Takes Precautions.

            NEW YORK, Sept. 17. – To prevent a serious epidemic of Spanish influenza in this city the board of health today ordered physicians to report within 24 hours all cases of the new disease, as well as all cases of pneumonia.

Seventy Deaths in New England.

            BOSTON, Sept. 17. – Influenza and pneumonia caused more than 70 deaths in New England within the 24 hours ending tonight. In Boston there were 35 deaths from influenza, including three naval men, and 27 from pneumonia.